Positioning Edit

Each unit can only attack directly in front of itself; however, units will move up and down to engage enemies if they have no target in sight. The frontmost squad will always move forwards; the squads behind that will move according to the orders set in the Armies screen.

Attack rate Edit

Melee attacks occur every 2 seconds. Ranged attacks and spells may take longer, depending on their reload time or casting time respectively. Note that ranged attacks and spells do not start the battle with "one in the chamber" and must wait for their reload time or casting time before they are ready to fire for the first time.

Damage Edit

Damage is computed by subtracting each of the defender's resists (if any) from the attacker's attacks, to a minimum of 0 per attack type. The total damage per attack is always at least 1. Resists can be negative, in which case they increase damage taken from that attack type, but only if the attacker actually has that attack type.

The damage is then subtracted from the defender's Defense (i.e. hit points). The defender dies when its Defense reaches 0.

Attack types Edit

There are 10 attack types in BattleCry.

The four "physical" attack types:

  • Slash attack Slash
  • Blunt attack Blunt
  • Piercing attack Piercing
  • Explosion attack Explosion

The six "magical" attack types, which tend to come in opposing pairs:

  • Fire attack Fire vs. Ice attack Ice
  • Poison attack Poison vs. Thunder attack Thunder
  • Dark attack Dark vs. Holy attack Holy